Shane Pierce is the creator of NOMADS.


     Evan Senn - "Traveling all over the United States, carrying with him his own personal baggage of memories and experiences, he paints a different world into existence. Dark and ominous creatures, emotional weight, honesty and experience ring loudly throughout his paintings. Dark traveling characters bombard his imagination and his artwork, angels and grim reapers haunt his creations in subtle ways, while the rough and raw American landscape keep his nomads company on their seemingly lonesome and aimless journeys. His artwork is as unique and haunting as he is. A storyteller at his core, his creations are hypnotic, drawing the viewer in and plaguing them with interest and intrigue. A cloaked man, with determination and fury across his brow, often paired with a suitcase and a pipe, ventures to the dark and unknown places of his imagination. Constantly followed by the shadows, Pierce’s nomads travel with fervor, unafraid of what lies ahead, or behind them."


 I paint for books, comics, galleries, games, and creator owned projects.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Last Rites Gallery, Nomadic Nights - New York, NY

     Deianira Tolema - "As for the artist’s figurative subjects, whose moving surroundings change shape as they breathe, they are just as provocative yet elusive as Boldini’s female characters according to Dwight MacDonald, indeed, the winding trend of their facial traits, hard to pin to the surface, exudes pain and angst when left undefined; the uncertainty of their emotional states juxtaposed to anatomical detail evokes Pierce’s obsession with non-academic technical virtuosity. In the work, “Nomadic Nights,” everything is on fire, and the viewers are invited to tell the difference between whatever is left of humanity according to the artist, and the layers of paint resembling skies as thick as baroque draperies that appear to have a life of their own; a train has stopped in the middle of a desert at night, and the only survivors are two zombies wearing anonymous clothes and dragging their own dead bodies around with contempt – these men’s only companions are the eternal fog they were born out of, and their soul-carrying, leather suitcases."



Group Exhibitions

Copro Gallery 
LA Artshow

Pushead Hyperstoic 


New York, San Diego

2016 Last Rites Gallery, Distorted Mirror

New York, NY

2016 Abend Gallery, Inner Visions

Denver, CO

2016 Last Rites Gallery, 13th Hour

New York, NY

2016 Haven Gallery, Tempest

New York, NY

2016 Ars Memoria

Chicago, IL

2015 Haven Gallery,

New York, NY

2016 Last Rites Gallery,

New York, NY

2015 Last Rites Gallery,

New York, NY

2014 Gallery Provocateur,

Chicago, IL

2014 Last Rites Gallery,

New York, NY

2013 Last Rites Gallery,

New York, NY

2012 Strychnin Gallery Berlin



2015 IDW Cover work

2014 IDW Cover work

2013 IDW Cover work

2012 Photoshop Top 25 Professional

2012 Imagine FX


2011 44Flood TOME

2008 Advance Photoshop Magazine



2015 Spectrum annual 22

2014 Spectrum annual 21

2013 Spectrum annual 20

2009 Spectrum annual 16




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